Plenary Speakers

Invited Speakers

Tomaso Aste, UCL, U.K. (ICT, Blockchain)
Hernan Makse, City College of New York,  (Data Science)
Jose Mendes, University of Aveiro, (Networks)
Yelena Mejova, ISI Foundation, Turin, Italy, (Social Media)
Jose Mateos, UNAM, Mexico, (Networks)
Carlos Gershenson, UNAM, Mexico, (Self-Organizing Systems​)​
Sarah Wolf, Global Climate Forum, Berlin, (Climate Change, Green Growth)​
Constantino Tsallis, CBPF, Brazil, (Complexity and Statistical Mechanics)
Luciano Pietronero, Sapienza University of Rome, (Economic Complexity)
Renaud Lambiotte, Oxford, U.K., (Networks and Nonlinear Systems)


The official Hotel of the Conference is
Makedonia Palace.

Conference Organiser: NBEvents

The official travel agency of the Conference is: Air Maritime

Photo of Thessaloniki seafront courtesy of Juli Bellou
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