Steering Committee

Yamir Moreno (President of CSS)

--General chairs of (E)CCS

Peter Sloot (Since September 2015, until September 2018)
Jose Luis Mateos (until September 2019)
Panos Argyrakis (until September 2020)

--Members until September 2020
Federico Botta
Francesc Font-Clos
Marton Karsai
Nicola Perra 
Chiara Poletto
Samir Suweis
Stefano Zapperi, Chair of the CCS SC

--Members until September 2018
Alain Barrat
Carlos Gershenson
 (chair of CCS17)
Sandro Meloni
Giovanni Petri


The official Hotel of the Conference is
Makedonia Palace.

Conference Organiser: NBEvents

The official travel agency of the Conference is: Air Maritime

Photo of Thessaloniki seafront courtesy of Juli Bellou
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