Frank Schweitzer

Frank Schweitzer
ETH Zurich

Frank Schweitzer has been Full Professor for Systems Design at ETH Zurich since 2004. He is also associated member of the Department of Physics at the ETH Zurich.
The research of Frank Schweitzer focuses on applications of complex systems theory in the dynamics of social and economic organizations.  He is interested in phenomena as diverse as user interaction in online social networks, collective decisions in animal groups, failure cascades and systemic risk in economic networks, and the rise and fall of collaborations in socio-technical systems. His methodological approach can be best described as data-driven modeling, i.e., it combines the insights from big data analysis with the power of agent-based computer simulations and the strength of rigorous mathematical models.

Frank Schweitzer is a founding member of the ETH Risk Center and Editor-in-Chief of ACS - Advances in Complex Systems  and EPJ Data Science.



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