Turing instability in the context of language competition

Self-organization is a ubiquitous phenomenon in Nature and it is the expression of the intrinsic complexity of its internal dynamics. Examples range from the skin of some animals or simple bacteria till the more sophisticated dynamics of ecosystems. Among these, maybe the human relationships are one of the most intriguing cases to consider. Several authors have devoted interest to mathematically understand some aspects. In particular, linguistics has benefited from that research and some models have been proposed describing the interrelationships between competing languages. Within this context we present our contribution. We aim to include concepts such as Turing structures and the effect of networks into consideration. Our analysis demonstrate that the coexistence of two competing languages can be enhanced by means of the network (i.e. social media) in opposition to the general believe. The relevant parameters of the model will be analyzed and some application to a real experimental case will be presented. Our results might be general beyond language drift phenomena and apply to the dynamics of arbitrary competing options in a social network.

Alberto P. Munuzuri
Monday, September 24, 2018 - 17:00 to 17:15


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