Research Methods in Complexity Science and their Application

Satellite Symposium CCS 2018

Research Methods in Complexity Science & their Application

September 26, 2018

Join our authors presenting on different research methods and their application.

Participate in a Knowledge Café facilitated by Dr. Boaz Tadmor and Dr. Edna Pasher discussing future research directions.

Authors and Subjects of Talks

  1. Complexity, the Bridging Science of Infectious Disease Outbreak Response: Prof. Babak Pourboulou, University of British Columbia, Canada.
  2. A Map of the Mind: Nonlinear Dynamics in Neuroscience and Psychiatry: Prof. Yakov Shapiro, University of Alberta, Canada.
  3. Descartes, Gödel and Kuhn: Epiphenomenalism defines a Limit on Reductive Logic: Prof. J. Rowan Scott, University of Alberta, Canada.
  4. Addressing Global Challenges: The EMK Complexity Methodology: Prof. Eve Mitleton-Kelly, London School of Economics, England.
  5. Hospital of the Future,.. Applied EMK Methodology: Prof. Pierre Singer, Rabin Medical Centre, Tel Aviv, Israel




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