A Framework for Community Detection on Complex Networks Mursel Tasgin and Haluk O. Bingol Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
A Theory of Engineered Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems Bonnie Johnson Monday - Tuesday
Absorbing Phase Transition of Continuum Manna model with and without quenched impurity Sang Bub Lee Lee Monday - Tuesday
Adapting the Reductive Paradigm: Reductive Incompleteness and the Consequence of Slightly Different Premises, Assumptions and Methods J Rowan Scott Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Adaptive rewiring in the Axelrod model: metastable states Malgorzata Krawczyk and Krzysztof Kulakowski Monday - Tuesday
Addressing a Previously Undefined Limit on Reductive Logic Can Improve Modeling of Complex Systems. J Rowan Scott Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Agent-based Optimisation for Machine Learning Uzay Cetin Monday - Tuesday
Application of Superstatistics in Hellenic Seismicity Aggelos Iliopoulos, Dimitris Chorozoglou, Christos Kourouklas, Ourania Maggira and Eleftheria Papadimitriou Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Averaged dynamics of joint degree-degree in complex networks Atsushi Tanaka and Yukio Hayashi Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Brain functional connectivity asymmetry: left hemisphere is more modular Jaroslav Hlinka and David Tomecek Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Causal Analysis of Stratosphere-Troposphere Interactions from Observational and Modelling Data Siarhei Barodka, Aliaksandr Krasouski, Veronika Zhuchkevich, Alexander Svetashev and Leonid Turishev Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Chimera States in Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Networks: Effects of Combining Non local and Diagonal Connectivity Nefeli Tsigkri, Johanne Hizanidis and Astero Provata Monday - Tuesday
Circular motion in quasiperiodic environments Atahualpa Kraemer and Alan Rodrigo Mendoza-Sosa Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Coarse-Grained Mean Field Simulations of Triblock Copolymer System The Effect of Flexibility on the Micellization behavior Maria Pantelidou and Allan Mackie Monday - Tuesday
Coevolution of node opinions and triadic relations: when is paradise reached? Piotr Gorski, Klavdiya Bochenina and Janusz Holyst Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Complex Memristive Networks for Reservoir Computing Gouhei Tanaka Monday - Tuesday
Complex systems manifestations of the onset of chaos via intermittency Santa Elena Tellez Flores, Juan Manuel Eugenio Ramirez de Arellano Nino Rincon and Alberto Robledo Nieto Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Connectivity Maintenance based on Community Structure Thais Uzun and Carlos Ribeiro Monday - Tuesday
Continuous-Time Random Walk with Long-Term Memory in Waiting Times Jaroslaw Klamut and Tomasz Gubiec Monday - Tuesday
Correlation in Bursts Slows Down Spreading Takayuki Hiraoka and Hang-Hyun Jo Monday - Tuesday
Coupled Oscillators with Dynamic Interaction Seong-Gyu Yang, Hyunsuk Hong and Beom Jun Kim Monday - Tuesday
Creating a parallel accelerated virtual Physarum lab using Cellular Automata Agent Based Model. Nikolaos Dourvas and Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Detecting Core-Periphery Structures by Surprise Jeroen van Lidth de Jeude, Tiziano Squartini and Guido Caldarelli Monday - Tuesday
Difference between Single and Double Phase Transitions under Unsupervised Machine Learning Song Sub Lee and Beom Jun Kim Monday - Tuesday
Dynamical effects of filtering structures on the mitigation of lake eutrophication. Auguste Caen, Delphine Latour and Jean-Denis Mathias Monday - Tuesday
Effects of power law vibrational relaxation in anharmonic potential surfaces on vibronic transport in molecular aggregates Frantisek Sanda, Vaclav Perlik, Tomas Mancal, Vladislav Slama, Craig Lincoln and Jurgen Hauer Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Emergence of a Real-World Network Structure due to Opinion Exchange. Thais Uzun and Carlos Ribeiro Monday - Tuesday
Entropy-based randomisation of rating networks Carolina Becatti, Guido Caldarelli and Fabio Saracco Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Evolution and self-organization of a finite group of persons with the their own state development of each in the cellular automata representation Nikolay Adamson Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Evolution of Cooperation in Networks: The Effect of Non-random Initial Positions of Cooperators Josefine Bohr Brask and Jonatan Bohr Brask Monday - Tuesday
Evolution of Core/Periphery Structure during the Software Development of Information Network Protocols Shin'Ichi Arakawa, Tetsuya Takine and Masayuki Murata Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Exact combinatorial approach to finite coagulating systems Agata Fronczak, Piotr Fronczak, Michal Lepek and Pawel Kuklinski Monday - Tuesday
Exploring the Attractor Invariance in Elementary Cellular Automata Stephanie MacLean, Marco Montalva Medel and Eric Goles Monday - Tuesday
Extreme Events On A Laser Beam Propagating Through Optical Turbulence Felipe Olivares, Gustavo Funes and Dario Perez Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
From Agroecosystems to Agricultural Systems Domingo Olivera and Fernando R. Alatriste Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Generalized synchronization with continuous chaotic dynamical systems Rosario D. Laureano, Diana A. Mendes and Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Generalizing species diversification models Francisco Richter, Rampal Etienne and Ernst Wit Monday - Tuesday
Gravitational city growth: radial gradients and fractality Diego Rybski, Yunfei Li and Jurgen Kropp Monday - Tuesday
Hated in the Nation? Quantifying Attitudes Toward Immigration Using Twitter Yerka Freire-Vidal and Eduardo Graells-Garrido Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
HOPE: Emergent solutions for analysis and management of patient cohort data Arnaud Kress, Erik-Andre Sauleau, Anne Jeannin-Girardon, Florent Colin, Jean-Louis Mandel, Pierre Collet and Pierre Parrend Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
How Agent-Based Models Benefit From Social Network Analysis – Lessons Learned From a Review Meike Will, Jurgen Groeneveld and Birgit Muller Monday - Tuesday
Identification of Driver Nodes in Genetic Networks Regulating Macrophage Activation Giulia Bassignana, Jennifer Fransson, Oliver Colliot, Violetta Zujovic and Fabrizio De Vico Fallani Monday - Tuesday
Impacts of future urban growth on the local climate in Mexico City Metropolitan Area: implications for urban socio-hydrological vulnerability Yosune Miquelajauregui, Erika Danae Lopez Espinoza, Erika Luna Perez, Fidel Serrano-Candela, Rodrigo Garcia, Luis A. Bojorquez-Tapia, Paola Gomez-Priego and Adolfo V. Magaldi Monday - Tuesday
In-vitro and in-silica determination of hemodynamic properties and their influence in cardiovascular pathologies Alberto P. Munuzuri, Alberto Otero-Cacho, M Aymerich, M.T. Flores-Arias, M. Abal, E Alvarez and V. Perez-Munuzuri Monday - Tuesday
Industries Competitiveness and the Position in the Inter-sectoral Knowledge Space Giorgio Tripodi, Francesco Lamperti, Franco Malerba and Roberto Mavilia Monday - Tuesday
Integrated Information in Continuous Non-linear Systems Pedro A.M. Mediano and Fernando Rosas Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Intercultural Comparison of Kin Communication Patterns Through The Life Course using Mobile Phone Call Data: A Replication Study Sebastian Diaz, Loreto Bravo, Tamas David-Barrett and Carlos Rodriguez-Sickert Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Investigating a Learning Strategy in a Probabilistic Reversal Learning Task Akira Masumi and Takashi Sato Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Investigation of the Interaction between Two Complex Space Charge Structures in Low-Temperature Plasma Dan-Gheorghe Dimitriu, Stefan-Andrei Irimiciuc and Maricel Agop Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
IPC class-level Correlations of patent citations time-series Maria Anastasia Rouni, Michael Kanetidis, Michael Maragkakis and Panos Argyrakis Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Mathematical model for search behaviour on the Internet Akira Ishii, Noboru Ashida and Yasuko Kawahata Monday - Tuesday
Mathematical Model of Childhood Diseases Outbreak with Optimal Control and Cost Effectiveness Strategy Kazeem Okosun and Oluwole Makinde Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Mean-field dynamics in Complex Networks: a validity study Johan Dubbeldam, Xiangrong Wang and Eric Pauwels Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Measuring Ideological Consumerism in Electoral Campaigns Juan C. Correa and Jorge Camargo Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Modeling knowledge transfer in organizations by means of cellular automata technique Krzysztof Malarz and Agnieszka Kowalska-Styczen Monday - Tuesday
Modeling Structure in Monkey Movement Kelly Finn, Andrew MacIntosh and Jim Crutchfield Monday - Tuesday
Monitoring the Measures for Earthquake Networks Between Main Shocks in Greece Dimitris Chorozoglou, Aggelos Iliopoulos, Eleftheria Papadimitriou, Ourania Maggira and Christos Kourouklas Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
On Betweenness Centrality in Networks with Non-Overlapping Community Structure Zakaria Ghalmane, Mohammed El Hassouni and Hocine Cherifi Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
On the Appearance and Dynamics of Multiple Complex Space Charge Structures in Low-Temperature Discharge Plasma Dan-Gheorghe Dimitriu, Stefan-Andrei Irimiciuc and Maricel Agop Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Political Culture in Mexico City with Agent Based Modeling Angel Jose Martinez Salinas and Fernando Ramirez Alatriste Monday - Tuesday
Prestige and Quality in Bipartite Networks Uzay Cetin Monday - Tuesday
Proxyeconomics, Details of an agent based model of Campbell's law in competitive societal systems Oliver Braganza Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Rank Diversity and Complexity in Network Dynamics Yesid Madrid, Nelson Fernandez, Carlos Pineda, Gerardo Iniguez and Carlos Gershenson Monday - Tuesday
Recommendation driven economic complexity enhancement method using international trade network Xiaomin Huang, Hao Liao and Alexandre Vidmer Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Reconstructing Mesoscale Network Structures Jeroen van Lidth de Jeude, Tiziano Squartini, Guido Caldarelli, Riccardo Di Clemente and Fabio Saracco Monday - Tuesday
Recurrence Plot and Quadrant Scan for Single-Hole (Well) Multivariable Layer Detection in Geosciences Ayham Zaitouny and Michael Small Monday - Tuesday
Resilient Self-Configuring Systems Modelled on Convergent Cellular Automata Richard McWilliam, David Jones and Alan Purvis Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Self-organized robust and resilient onion-like networks in growth Yukio Hayashi Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Self-Organizing Lanes to Reduce Traffic Congestion Dante Perez and Carlos Gershenson Monday - Tuesday
Shadow Capital: Emerging Patterns of Money Laundering and Tax Evasion Lucas Almeida Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Simulating negative temperatures by imposing wealth upper bounds in exchanges Marcelo Del Castillo-Mussot and Alan Roberto Villagomez-Manrique Monday - Tuesday
Sparse Vector Autoregressive Models of EEG Data Anna Pidnebesna and Jaroslav Hlinka Monday - Tuesday
Spatial evolution of Hindmarsh–Rose neural network with time delays Michal Lepek and Piotr Fronczak Monday - Tuesday
Spatial Patterns of Dengue Cases in Brazil Fernando Antonio, Andreia Itami, Sergio de Picoli, Jorge Teixeira and Renio Mendes Monday - Tuesday
Spatial properties of E. Coli Transcription Regulatory Network Kosmas Kosmidis, Maria Anastasia Rouni and Marc-Thorsten Hutt Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Spatio-temporal coarse-graining and entropy production Daniel Maria Busiello, Jorge Hidalgo and Amos Maritan Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Temporal Social Network Analysis Of A Physical Activity Mobile Phone-based Intervention in Public Schools Of Bogota, Colombia. Felipe Montes, Valentina Cardozo, Andres Felipe Useche, Ana Maria Guerra, Ana Maria Jaramillo, Ruth Hunter, Silvia Gonzalez and Olga L. Sarmiento Monday - Tuesday
The Effect of Euclidean Space on Random Graphs with Arbitrary Degree Distribution Verena Schamboeck, Ivan Kryven and Piet D. Iedema Monday - Tuesday
The effect of initial distribution of ant colonies on symmetry-breaking induced by panic: experiment and flee-stage pheromone model Weijia Wang, Geng Li and Zhangang Han Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
The Effect of the Choice of the Elite in Opinion Spreading Processes: The Catalan Independence as a Case Study Julia Atienza-Barthelemy, Samuel Martin-Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Losada and Rosa M. Benito Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
The Estimation of Phases Length in the Evolution of a Dynamic Complex Network Valentina Y. Guleva and Klavdiya Bochenina Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
The formation of continuous opinion dynamics based on a gambling mechanism and its sensitivity analysis Yueying Zhu, Q. Alexandre Wang, Wei Li and Xu Cai Monday - Tuesday
The Impact of Network Structures on the Dynamics of Decision-Making Process Victor Barranca, Han Huang and Genji Kawakita Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
The Olive Quick Decline Syndrome: a lattice model to shape vectors and transmission management strategies Antonella Liccardo, Annalisa Fierro and Francesco Porcelli Monday - Tuesday
Theory of opinion dynamics using sociophysics approach Akira Ishii and Yasuko Kawahata Monday - Tuesday
UAV Autonomous Swarms Based on Visual Sensing System and Biological Collective Behaviors Guozheng Lin and Zhangang Han Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Universal Scaling Across Biochemical Networks On Earth Hyunju Kim, Harrison B. Smith and Sara I. Walker Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Using Dynamic Bayesian Network for Decision-Making and Evaluation of Policies in Nexus despite their Incredible Complexity Tabassom Sedighi and Liz Varga Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
What is a complex system? Karoline Wiesner Monday - Tuesday
When Our ‘Reptilian Brain’ Outsmarts The Cortex: Sub-Cortical Computation In Difficult Problems Or Rabani and Shai Gabay Monday - Tuesday
Zero-temperature directed polymer in random potential on higher dimensions Jin Min Kim Wednesday - Thursday - Friday


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