Complexity from Cells to Consciousness: Free Energy, Integrated Information, and Epsilon Machines

Thessaloniki, Greece: Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Organizing Committee of Complexity from Cells to Consciousness is pleased to announce the Call for Submissions for this satellite at this year’s Conference on Complex Systems. We have a packed schedule of invited speakers and will try to highlight as many interdisciplinary submissions as possible. We are now accepting submissions for Poster Presentations and a limited number of Contributed Talks.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers studying fundamental questions around information, complexity, emergence and scale. In this full-day satellite, we will hear talks about unifying frameworks that aim to account for the structure and dynamics of complex systems across scales and domains. In particular, we are emphasizing the ability of frameworks like the Free Energy Principle and Integrated Information Theory to explain the emergent teleology of complex systems. In addition, we will hear talks exploring the application of new modeling tools from information theory and complexity, such as Epsilon Machines.

Particular attention will be given to the following topics:

• Connections between statistical physics and causality, prediction, consciousness, and control

• Artificial intelligence, artificial life, exploration/exploitation, and agent-based models

• Emergent behavior in complex networks, large-scale social/political systems, or crowds

• Nonlinear dynamics, statistical physics, climate science

• Philosophy of science, falsifiablility, epistemics

The satellite format will include frequent breaks for conversation and discussion around the various poster presentations. We encourage submissions that describe novel applications or interpretations of these information-thermodynamical frameworks. We are excited to hear about the ways these principles might manifest in different domains (like yours!). We are therefore happy to invite interested researchers from any discipline of Complex Systems research to submit.


Important Details

Abstract Submission Deadline: June 15, 2018 June 30, 2018 (deadline extended!)

Abstract Submission Guidelines: PDF format, max. 500 words, 1 figure, submitted via email to:

- Brennan Klein ( *at* & Conor Heins (conor.heins *at* Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions.


Invited Speakers (more to be announced soon!)

1. Karl Friston, University College London

2. Jessica Flack, Santa Fe Institute

3. Rosalyn Moran, King’s College London

4. Ryota Kanai, Araya Inc.

5. Jakob Hohwy, Monash University

6. Erik Hoel, Tufts University

7. Mile Gu, Nanyang Technological University

8. Felix Pollock, Monash University

9. Jayne Thompson, National University of Singapore

10. William Marshall, University of Wisconsin


More speakers and schedule details to be announced soon!

Organizing Committee

Brennan Klein, Northeastern University || Conor Heins, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics & Self-Organization || Rosalyn Moran, King’s College London || Timothy Bayne, Monash University || Jakob Hohwy, Monash University || Kavan Modi, Monash University || Naotsugu Tsuchiya, Monash University

This event is possible with support from the Monash University Network of Excellence for Causation & Complexity in the Conscious Brain.


The official Hotel of the Conference is
Makedonia Palace.

Conference Organiser: NBEvents

The official travel agency of the Conference is: Air Maritime

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