Empirical observations of ultraslow diffusion in languages: Dynamical statistical properties of word counts of already popular words

Ultraslow diffusion (i.e. logarithmic diffusion) has been extensively studied theoretically, but has hardly been observed empirically. In this presentation, firstly, we will show the ultraslow-like diffusion of the time-series of word counts of already popular words by analysing three different nationwide language databases: (i) newspaper articles (Japanese), (ii) blog articles (Japanese), and (iii) page views of Wikipedia (English, French, Chinese, and Japanese). Secondly, we use theoretical analysis to show that this diffusion is basically explained by the random walk model with the power-law forgetting with the exponent beta≈0.5, which is related to the fractional Langevin equation. The exponent beta characterises the speed of forgetting and beta≈0.5 corresponds to (i) the border (or thresholds) between the stationary and the nonstationary and (ii) the right-in-the-middle dynamics between the IID noise for beta=1 and the normal random walk for β=0. Thirdly, the generative model of the time-series of word counts of already popular words, which is a kind of Poisson process with the Poisson parameter sampled by the above-mentioned random walk model, can almost reproduce not only the empirical mean-squared displacement but also the power spectrum density and the probability density function.

Hayafumi Watanabe
Monday, September 24, 2018 - 12:30 to 12:45


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