Agent-Based Modelling as Requirements-Engineering Tool for the As-If analysis of a Macro-Prudential Risk to the EU as a Jurisdiction

Our use case is a EU project that aims to provide an interoperability layer for improved communication between member-state jurisdictions. The project is called e-CODEX. It resulted in a working service that has been tested successfully in practice. The EC (or its agencies) have strong feelings about promoting interoperability between member-state legal systems in practice. Concurrently, member-states see factions emerge that nurse strong feelings about national independency and how the EU is eroding it. In the debates divergent propositions are brought to bear. We select a few and show that agent-based models can be usefully deployed to illustrate where enacting such ideas into laws would lead to.
Our contribution is a proof of concept of agent-based modelling as legal requirements- engineering tool for the as-if analysis of macro-prudential risks to a jurisdiction.

Aernout Schmidt and Kunbei Zhang
Monday, September 24, 2018 - 12:15 to 12:30


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